NT Consultoria offers a wide range of services for real estate.

NT Consultoria brings together a multidisciplinary team of architectural and engineering technicians, duly accredited by their respective orders, professional associations and qualifying entities, which develops real estate projects and provides consultancy in this area.

NT Consultoria’s team includes real estate appraiser registered with the CMVM ( Comissão do Mercado dos Valores Mobiliários – Securities Market Commission), conducting real estate appraisal and real estate investment advice for individuals, companies and entities of the national financial system.

NT Consultoria’s work is developed in a thoughtful, judicious and independent manner.

Our Commitment


NT Consultoria’s vision is to be a recognized partner for ensuring quality performance based on the trust of its partners and customers.


NT Consultoria’s mission is to efficiently and sustainably present the analyzes and results to its partners and customers, always looking for the most appropriate solution to their needs.


NT Consultoria’s values ​​are to develop its work in an efficient, thoughtful, judicious and independent manner, focusing on rigor, in accordance with legislation, regulations and standards.

Quality Policy

In the context of Quality Policy, NT Consultoria pursues the following principles:

    • Customer Focus
    • Commitment to partners / employees
    • Compliance with legal requirements
    • Innovation and continuous improvement

Our Customers

NT Consultoria’s customers are entities from different sectors and profiles, which include:

    • Private people
    • Architecture and Engineering Companies
    • Real Estate Investors and Developers
    • Construction Companies
    • Financial System Entities
    • Institutions and Public Companies
    • Central State Administration
    • Local State Administration


NT Consultoria offers a wide range of real estate services, namely:

    • Real Estate Consulting
      • In the Real Estate Appraisal aspect
      • In Real Estate Investment Management
      • In Real Estate and Construction Expertise
    • Energy Efficiency Services
    • Building and Urbanization Projects
    • Technical Monitoring of the Works


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